Cold weather and Driving

By B Tom ( Drive Zim Road Assistance)

Brace for cold weather…THE Meteorological Services Department has warned of worse cold weather from today until Saturday across the country. It said the country must also expect light rains.*

Cold weather and driving.

During the winter months, extreme weather conditions can make driving more difficult and potentially hazardous. Drive Zimbabwe Roadside Assistance has plenty of tips and advice to help aid your winter driving and make your travels as safe and incident-free as possible this season.

What easy car maintenance can I do for myself?

There are some simple maintenance checks you can carry out on your vehicle to ensure it is well prepared for winter conditions. The main checks Drive Zim advise are checking all of your lights and bulbs as well as a tyre health check, a check of your wiper blades and a few regular under-the-bonnet checks you can carry out too.

What do I need to carry with me on a winter journey?

One of the priorities to pack when driving in winter conditions is a fully-charged mobile phone for use in an emergency. You never know when you might get stuck or break down and a fully-charged phone is the best way to call for help (obviously not for use when driving). The other main things to consider include warm clothing and some food and water supplies in case you do break down and are stuck in the cold awaiting rescue.

Why won’t my car start in the cold?

This issue plagues motorists up and down the country every winter. While it is often an issue your breakdown provider can easily resolve it is worth knowing how to make simple checks beforehand to prevent a breakdown before it happens. Drive Zim estimate that 28% of breakdown issues are battery-related, so it is best to keep it regularly maintained, charged and in good health. You can find out how to do this and how to identify the signs that your battery might need changing on Drive Zim Facebook page

How can I demist my windscreen quickly?

This is one of the handiest pieces of advice at your disposal when the cold weather begins to creep in. After all, it is illegal to drive if your visibility is impeded and steamed-up windows are the biggest culprit of this. Did you know that more often than not you will actually clear your windscreen faster using cold air than hot air?

Any tips for driving in fog?

Drive Zim has found that not everyone knows the laws around when and when not to use your fog lights. In a nutshell, they are recommended when visibility is reduced to 100 metres, but there is also a great deal more to consider.

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Being a proud owner of a vehicle, you might often underestimate considering that no matter how best your vehicle model is or how well you take care of it, it can suffer a breakdown at some point in time. Even more, driving on our Zimbabwe roads could be challenging due to the potholes and traffic jams. These reasons often lead to a vehicle’s breakdown. Imagine you are on a road trip in your vehicle, and suddenly your vehicle breaks down amidst an isolated area. This will not only cause a panic about finding a mechanic and getting the vehicle repaired but also spoil the mood of the trip. Joining Drive Zimbabwe Roadside Assistance can surely solve the hassles in times of unexpected vehicle breakdown.

Do I need a Breakdown Cover?

There’s no legal requirement to have a Breakdown Cover for your vehicle. However, breakdowns are common and can prove costly if you find yourself having to pay outright for roadside assistance. At Drive Zimbabwe Roadside Assistance, we provide cost-effectiveness by covering towaway charges ahead of time. That’s one less thing to worry about if you do break down, so you can focus on what’s most important: getting home safely. Call us or WhatsApp at 0780 579 261/0718 084 297 / 0736 523 424

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