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What are the issues happening in your community and what measures are you taking as responsible citizens

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“May the sun bring you new energy every day, bringing light into the darkness of your soul may the moon softly restore you by night …

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The Yellow Bus Trust

By Victoria Drury The idea of the Yellow Bus Trust was conceived in about 2000. Seeing children running to school in the rural areas got …

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E-Waste: A Digital Breakdown

Solving the electronic waste challenge By Enviroserve Zimbabwe With the increasing exploitation of the natural resources of our planet, the recycling of electronic and/or electric …

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Pleasantways Old Age Home

By Scott David Pleasantways is where to come to when you feel the need for peace, quiet and a little pampering either temporarily or permanently. …

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Dzikwa Trust Orphans take part in the world of Chess.

By The Dzikwa Trust Marcel Duchamp once said, “I have come to the personal conclusion that while all artists are not chess players, all chess …

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Oasis Zimbabwe

By Lisa Harrison and Asha Emmerson Oasis Zimbabwe was established in 2002 with a passionate team committed to empowering the most vulnerable in Zimbabwean communities. …

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The flower foundation of Zimbabwe

BLUE KERRY – 50 years on By Les Mallett Nestled in the quiet leafy suburb of Chisipite along Steppes Road is a property known as …

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Beat the lockdown blues

By the Northwood Community As the 21-day lockdown continues many people have taken this time as an opportunity to learn a new skill, try out …

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