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As we slowly adapt to the new way of life Covid 19 has introduced us to, I am starting to hear of more and more individuals / organisations raising their levels of involvement. Yesterday morning I was invited down to check out a new Covid 19 clinic that has just been set up in Milton Park by the Zim Frontline Team. They have taken an old house, owned by one of the group; stripped down all the insides; and, given it a complete renovation. I was given a tour of the new facility by Dr Erin Collins who gave me a detailed explanation of what they are trying to achieve there.

They , effectively, have 24 beds and, when open,  will be available for anyone that suspects they have the Corona Virus.  Entrants to the clinic are sprayed front and back before walking over chlorine based sponges into a largish reception to register for testing. Right now they are busy training a whole lot of nursing staff on the modalities of this specific type of operation.

The Clinic has a one way travel methodology to lessen the chances of visitors bumping into anyone going the other way. Of special interest to me was the Protective clothing (PPE) used by the nursing staff.  They will all be

on 6 hour shifts and cannot eat drink or go to the loo during their time on duty. Each nurse has “a Helper” to dress them with large notices on the walls reminding them of the correct sequence of Donning this kit. The same applies again at the end of their day – Doffing kit (undressing) is one of the most dangerous times for spreading any germs picked up from patients – eg when you pull off your gloves in a hurry.  

Once complete they have a shower and change into Civies (Home clothing) – I was told that they, like all of us, should ideally have work / shopping kit separate to “Stay at home” clothing and shoes. When they leave the premises, the PPEs are soaked in a bucket of Chlorine type solution and “made clean” for the next day’s performance. Just wearing the kit for 6 hours must be a mission in itself let alone dealing with ailing patients.

I’ll write more about the high demand for PPEs in a later email. Ciao Mike G                                                                                

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