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Hi All,

Most of us working types lead a hectic lifestyle, constantly on the go, ever-changing our focus from one screen to another throughout the day and night. To combat this I have to regularly “Break the Pattern” – this can be as simple as joining my mates at the club for a drink on Friday nights or playing golf on a Sunday with my son and brother. Every now and then, though, something happens in the family that forces you to redirect your day to day life into a family reunion in a distant place. I have, therefore, just spent the last week in Umhlanga catching up with brothers and sisters and kids thereof.  Nothing major this time around but great time spent with long, insightful chats and long overdue camaraderie on the beach and on the golf course. 

So many good things happened to us that we would all have missed out on if we had not had this trip. There are also a lot of ex-Zimbos living in that part of the world and I bumped into quite a few long lost buddies whilst running along the beachfront in the late afternoons. The Natal Masters swimming champs were also on last weekend so I could not miss out on an opportunity to race against their best 70+ swimmers! Then there were the Freshly caught Prawns and the Lobster Bisque Soup at the more affordable SA Prices – whenever one goes to a decent restaurant in South Africa there are 2 very noticeable things that catch your attention – the waiters are 90% Zimbabwean and the prices are about 50% of those in Zimbabwe!

My book of the week this time around was “Create Space” by Derek Draper – Yet another Self Improvement book! Derek is a leadership consultant and coach and writes about how we all need to spend less time checking out unimportant Facebook snippets and give ourselves more space to do the important things in life. He advocates things like switching off one’s Cell phone for the last hour of work and finding a quiet little corner somewhere where we can sit alone to reflect on what we have done that day. The narrative starts out with Derek driving around a large game park watching giraffes idly roaming about an African Plain. Derek then moves on to describe how we, as humans, have quickly advanced from an idle hunter and gatherer with so much time on our hands to one where we never take time out to just stop and reflect.

In one of the chapters, Derek speaks about the TED Talk titled “The Power of Vulnerability” in which Brene Brown gives a very worthwhile 20minute chat. I hope you can find time soon for you to “Create Space” in your life for your family. Taking a few days off to rough it in a Cottage in Nyanga with No TV or Cell phone signal is all it takes!

Ciao Mike G.

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