Cresta Lodge and Mukuvisi Woodlands

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I have just spent a couple of nights relaxing in the environment of the Cresta Lodge – it is arguably the best of the larger suburban lodges in and around Harare. You have that feeling of wide-open spaces and serenity. It is an ideal place for an out of town business person to stop over for a few nights. – just 2 km from the Rhodesville Food Lovers shops and 10 km from either of the centre of town or  Sam Levys Village. The sleeping arrangements are very comfortable and there was a great workspace for me to catch up on some overdue computer work

The Cresta Lodge is the favoured accommodation for touring sports teams – Sri Lanka have just started their 1st of 2 five day tests and they were all relaxing before their big game. So last night I had the pleasure of meeting Cricket umpire Marais Erasmus as well as our own Grant Flower who is now the Batting coach for Sri Lanka. (Zim are currently on 96/1 so it will be a fun afternoon if you are looking for something to do today).

Cresta Lodge is just 2km away from Mukuvisi Woodlands so I took the welcome opportunity, this morning, to go for a quiet run amongst the Miombo woodlands – came across a Bachelor herd of Impala (Above) and within 100 m of a herd of healthy looking Eland. In the distance I spotted a group of 6 or 7 riders heading out on a horseback safari.

Mukuvisi is one of those hidden beauties that is ideal for visitors to Zimbabwe to see some of our more common plains game wandering around with complete freedom. Great place to take your kids for a couple of hours of family time – they have large pens with rabbits, ducks, tortoises and much more. Some parents had even brought along their bikes to ride along the well-marked trails. Mukuvisi is on the list of places that the Bird Society goes to on one Sunday of the month (Contact Julia 0772-891-562 (birding) or Ken Worsley 0773-777-142 (GM for functions / walks etc) for more details). Ciao for now Mike G

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