Cycling in Brisbane parks

HI All

I went cycling a few times through some very well kept cycle paths in suburban Brisbaneon last year. The nearest one to me was the “Cabbage Tree Creek” – they have built these wide paths that follow most of the creeks in and around the city. Creeks are long winding rivers that are given special privileges and maintenance – completely safe to walk/ride along any time of the day – there are small playgrounds along the way – some with Basketball hoops – others with gym equipment – all kept in pristine order. You can walk with your kids, or your dog, although you need to carry a pooh bag for the latter (and sometimes the former if very young!). You can cover an out an back 30km route without having to deal with any traffic.

We as a community, in Zimbabwe, need to start thinking ahead and planning for these recreational facilities within our suburban areas = building cycle tracks alongside rivers instead of planting mealies as per the stream bank cultivation that is so prevalent once the rains start in November each year.

You place barriers every now and then to prevent cars (Kombies) from taking these short cuts. The Airport road would be one ideal place to have an out and back cycle track using the sides roads set up during the making of the wide new route that we use on the way to catch a plane.

We need people like YOU to start the ball rolling – also need to use ideas gained from visits / stays overseas. Let’s all try to make this a better place for you and for me and … see you on the road soon. Mike G

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