Dare to be fitter than the fittest? Here is your workout.

By Shirley Spreeth

One of the most telling signs of whether your work in the gym has been paying off, is how your body changes over time. Essentially what you want to achieve is the maximum out of the little time you would have spent working out. As such a full body workout is one way you can achieve the best results from working out in the least space of time. Full body workouts are good because they allow you to do the most in just one session, all of the targeted muscles will be getting worked on in that one session. You wouldn’t need to go through weeks and weeks of training for you to get all of the muscles and body parts covered. Unlike with Split training, you get more time to actually do other workout activities that do not involve working out on a specific muscle or body part for weeks.

Full Body Workout

A bit challenging to do everything at once, however the results are worth it


1.Squats 20
2.Sit up 30
3.Shoulder tap 20
4.Star jump 50 – 100
5.Lunge 20 on each leg
6.Crunch 30
7.Push up 20
8.Mountain climbers 40-60

9.Calf raise 40
10.Kick bum 50 -100
11.High knee 50-100
12.Dips 30
13.Touch toes 40
14.Flutter kicks 50
15.Donkey kick 20 each side
16.Whale 10
17.Superman 20.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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