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By Judith Drake

Tamba Tamba is the ultimate, indoor, all-weather children’s Soft Play Centre. Come rain or shine, they offer the perfect playground for the children to explore their imaginations as well as have clean, healthy fun. Your children are free to play, learn to share with their friends and have a memorable experience.

Tamba Tamba offers a range of different activities from two large slides, a mini football and basketball pitch, ball pits, air cannons with softballs and lots of obstacles to cross and climb over. They have a separate 3yrs and under section with soft toys, a merry-go-round, its own slide, ball pit and a floor piano. 

That is why all their activities are specially oriented not just around good clean fun, but around getting great exercise and developing in all kinds of other ways!

We thought we would share with you some of the reasons soft play areas are some of the best types of play areas your child can experience, and the ways in which we provide recreation that’s both fun and healthy!

Studies show that active play aids a child’s physical, mental, social and emotional well-being as they mature. Soft play centres are among the most comprehensive and safe ways for kids to develop.

One of the advantages of soft indoor play areas over outdoor areas is that they are designed to be safer with a lower risk of injury.

A child with a developed sense of danger will be more comfortable climbing an indoor frame with a cushioned landing, for example, than an outdoor

structure. Since climbing, when done safely, is a form of exercise that develops coordination and limb strength, it is an important activity for a child to practice.

With a ball pool, foam and soft padding throughout, soft play areas make for safe fun that nevertheless feels thrilling and gets kids’ heart rates up as they navigate a rope bridge or climbing net!

Tamba Tamba provides some fantastic equipment and features that are crafted towards healthy and fun play. Activities based around climbing and swinging develop core strength, but even segments of the play area that do not seem to need physical exertion still develop the mind and body in really important ways.

For example, activities where careful stepping or balancing are required, are great for developing a child’s coordination.

And explorative play – where children are allowed to work through obstacles

without help – is great for developing confidence and letting them find their limits and potential.

As well as running and jumping, many of their activities encourage communication between children, which fosters vital emotional and social skills. Youngsters’ physical and emotional health set the path for their future development, so now is the time to set your child up for the healthiest and happiest life available by letting them play often!

Please note Tamba Tamba has Covid protocols in place. They clean the jungle gym and public area regularly every day, and a deep clean 3 times a year. 

Entry is $8 from 1-13yrs or equivalent RTGS. Adults and under 1’s free. Their fees are charged per child. Tamba Tamba is open every day. 

Tamba Tamba has a small coffee shop where they serve cappuccinos, teas, cold drinks and crisps. They can also offer kids hot food and a small range for the adults. 

Please do not forget SOCKS for all adults and children!

Images from Tamba Tamba

Originally published in the 6th Ndeipi Newsletter

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