Don’t believe the lies!!!!

By Mutsa Chidakwa

We live in a digital age now and that comes with its pros and cons. One of the cons is that people are able to make you believe false things about their lives just by carefully selecting what they post and what they keep to themselves. So obviously this note is fitness related, and I am here to tell you the truth you might not want to hear. Your fitness journey (whether you want to lose or gain weight) is going to be LONG and HARD! You are not going to lose 10 kg in one week and you are definitely not going to gain 10 kg (or even 5 kg) in one week either.

Quite a number of youtubers and instagram influencers are making an income from perpetuating these lies; the sad thing is a lot of people actually fall into the trap and believe them. What then happens is that you get frustrated when you have been doing 100 squats everyday for 2 weeks and your butt just looks more or less the same as it did on day 1, or when you have been doing 10 sit-ups daily for a month but there is no sign of defined abs in sight, etc.

Understand that you have to be patient, consistent and committed. Sometimes you might only see actual results after 2 months or even longer and that’s perfectly fine and normal. I gained 17,7 kg over a period of 5 years, yes 5 solid years and not 6 months. I have had points in my fitness journey where I have reached a plateau, where nothing was changing at all, sometimes it even felt like I was regressing. I have felt like giving up, sometimes I would wake up and I wouldn’t want to train, sometimes I would go to the gym and just feel weak upon entering. It happens, and 5 years later it still happens. What is important is that you keep pushing yourself to attain your goal, encourage yourself, find people who will encourage you too and keep it moving.

Fast results are not feasible in reality unless you take extreme measures like surgery to get a 24 inch waist, other than that it will take months or even years of hard work and disciplined eating habits. Also there’s no rule that says if your waist is not 24 inches there’s something wrong with you. Our bodies are all different, someone might be shredded and still not have a 24 inch waist or even a 26 inch waist. Love your own body and embrace the differences, workout, eat right and stop comparing yourself to that Instagram influencer who looks like a Barbie doll and probably had to undergo surgery to achieve it albeit claiming that it’s just hard work that got them to that point. I have been training for 5 years and I have never had a 6 pack (partly because of bad eating habits), I have never even had a 4 pack but I train like a beast and that is perfectly fine. Lately, I have been coming to the realization of how much of an illusion simple poses and angles give off. Don’t be fooled ladies!!! Poses are powerful shem.

If you want to achieve the body of your dreams naturally just know that: 1) it will take time so be patient 2) your genetic makeup plays a major role in that and we all are different in that regard 3) you need to make healthy lifestyle choices 4) you have to put in the work. #staywoke #workhard.

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