Don’t stop believing

By Takudzwa Matiza

“I started public speaking when I was very young and over the years

 I have acquired a lot of experience. I began to focus all my speeches

 on what affects us a generation; the idea behind it being that I wanted

 to reach out and keep people motivated and inspired to chase what

 they want in life and always choose what’s best for them. I then had 

 a vision to try and share my message to a broad audience and so 

 I started an Instagram Account, @stan.jnr_speaks, to create a platform

 to do so. Don’t Stop Dreaming is just a perfect example of what my message

 is to our generation.”

We all live by hope and hope gives us the drive to keep working and keep believing in ourselves. So I thought there would be no better time than right now to inspire hope in people such that they keep dreaming, they keep working to get to that place”

For more motivational videos follow Takudzwa on instagram at stan.jnr_speaks

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