Drugs and addiction

I have never taken any illicit drugs and have no idea or desire on where to find them. They are, apparently and sadly, very easy to find if you want to partake.

I get my highs from setting challenging physical goals and working hard at achieving them over a shortish period of time – and then I take a complete break.

One of my objectives with Bambazonke Nhasi emails is to motivate people into making a better life for themselves. I also like to raise awareness of certain issues that I feel need open discussion. A friend of mine told me recently that he was an addict who is now “Clean” and meeting regularly with others at a local venue.  He invited me to come along to his home last week to meet a couple of the organisers of these discussions and find out what they are doing

Everyone has their own interpretation of addiction and most of the things that we become addicted to are actually very enjoyable when done in moderation. The substance, activity, gives you a “Kick” and a little while later you decide that it would be great to repeat the fantastic experience. For many folk this desire for the same kick becomes so much of a habit that one cannot stop oneself from imbibing.

And then, one day, you finally wake up and realise that you have gone too far; your whole life has been turned upside down and your family doesn’t want to know your story any more.

Is there some way of preventing this happening ? teaching our kids about moderation, setting boundaries and how to live their own life – not trying to keep up with their peers?

If you need someone to talk to about an addiction problem then please call Sandi – 0772-147- 626

Ciao Mike G

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