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Article by Sarah Claire Calasse

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The idea of Earthy Eats began a few years ago, inspired by the abundance of fresh produce we are blessed to have in Zimbabwe.

I recall sitting in a cafe in Cape Town in 2019, thinking to myself, “this place is my ultimate dream”. The shelves of the cafe were laden with fresh healthy produce, and the most exciting of all was that they catered to different dietary requirements. The food made from the produce in the café was fresh, super simple, and absolutely delicious.

Soon after that trip, we went into our first Covid lockdown. My plans to start my new adventure fell through and I had just handed in my resignation! Like so many others in my situation, I felt lost, scared and insecurity and doubt crept into my life.

BUT, as a Zimbabwean, patience, and perseverance are strong characteristics that we all share. One year later I started Earthy Eats.  I was nervous and uncertain, but friends and family spurred me on.

Having had many years of experience in the hospitality industry, and privileged to have worked with some of the finest chefs, I was more than ready to produce meals that were “different exciting, bursting with flavour and colour!”  My meals were going to be one of a kind!

Earthy Eats allowed me to step out of my comfort zone. Having trained at Silwood School of Cookery in typical French-style cooking, I was now going to be adventurous and creative in producing meals that would be predominantly plant-based and gluten-free.

Earthy Eats recipes have allowed me to include many of my favourite ingredients.  I source all my ingredients from local Zimbabwean suppliers. Being able to support small local businesses, and getting to know the people running them, has been a great privilege. In Zimbabwe, we have some amazing suppliers, one of them being Pomona Farmers Market. It boasts of some unbelievable local produce. I love the fact that I can handpick my ingredients, allowing my creativity to flow in that kind of environment. Upmarket on Maasdorp is another place where I get my fresh ingredients and again, the people are what make this journey so enjoyable for me.

Nothing beats the friendliness, the excellent customer service, and the love that is poured into what they do. Creating relationships with my suppliers and customers has been a big part of building my business. I supply regular stocks of meals to The Bread Co, On Juice at 56 Kingsmead, and Tin Roof. My biggest market has been direct orders and home deliveries, which has allowed me to be a part of so many people’s lives in a way I could not have imagined.

I cook with my heart as well as with my hands, as I think about my customers with every stir of the spoon or pinch of salt.  It really has become an act of love for me. Currently, Earthy Eats offers fresh and frozen meals. These menus change every two weeks, allowing us to be creative. It encourages our customers to step out of their comfort zones and experience different meals and new flavours regularly.

2022 has some exciting plans in the pipeline! We have decided to introduce a menu for those who support us but would like meatier options. This menu will be out in a couple of weeks. We are also really excited to be joining the Munch App, this will allow our meals to reach more people through their delivery services. For this launch, there will be a new menu so be sure to check it out! We are also exploring the option of offering healthy “on the go snack options. “

Earthy Eats meals are light yet surprisingly filling, I would say there are definitely underlying flavours of Asian cuisine, Middle Eastern influence and our signature Earthy Eats flavours, lots of lemon and loads of fresh herbs.  Earthy Eats promotes healthy living. We use whole fresh ingredients and we present you with meals that are ready to eat so that you can enjoy wholesome delish food, conveniently.

We have learnt that there is so much that we can create from our local produce and we try and incorporate as many different ingredients into our meals as possible. We don’t add any preservatives. Many of our ingredients are organic and are kind to your tummy. We take great pride in selecting the best ingredients for you.

Our packaging compliments our meals too. We use sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. Just as our meals are friendly to your bodies, we are trying to be friendly to Mother Earth too.

We at Earthy Eats look forward to being creative and growing, even more, this year, and of course feeding you!

As mentioned above you can find our meals daily at:

The Bread Co. – fresh and frozen meals, our soup is also best served with a slice of fresh sourdough.

56 Kingsmead, fresh and frozen meals. We also collaborate with On Juice, offering juice and soup cleanses and soup and salad cleanses. For more information on these cleanses you can contact Tyla on 0772565271.

The Tin Roof Deli stocks our plant-based frozen meals.

For direct orders, you can contact us on 0777238876.

You can have a look at our Facebook & Instagram pages too for menus and updates on what is happening.

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