Easy Cardio workout you can do at home with Zoe

By Zoe Mugoni

Cardio exercise refers to any exercise one can do leading to an increase in their heart rate. The heart is a muscle as such any exercise that leads to its strengthening counts as cardio workout. Walking is an example of a cardio exercise that can quickly get your heart rate up . If you find most of the exercises below a bit challenging, you can start from the bottom and work your way to the top until you can do the exercises below.

Instructions to the workouts are in the video.

Through cardio workouts , your chances of having a strong heart are increased. Not only do cardio workouts improve your heart function they also help with boosting lung function. The faster and deeper you breath in as you exercise the more your lungs get used to working more effectively. One of the many  benefits of cardio exercises is weight loss. By taking part in the exercises illustrated above, you get the chance to shed some calories while working to improve the way your heart functions at the same time.

Remember to enjoy!

About Coach Zoe

Zoë Mugoni, a University student and hockey player is extremely passionate about working out and keeping fit. Her fitness journey is fueled by the fact that a strong body creates a strong mind. Keeping active not only keeps you fit but each work out is a challenge that needs to be overcome. Zoë is also passionate about inspiring and motivating other individuals to begin their fitness journeys because the reward of it is priceless. Part time, Zoë is also a Hockey Coach and a Team Building Facilitator.

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Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

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