Ending the week the right way.

By Charmaine Beattie

Happy Friday All! Having taught this morning. I have had a blissful afternoon on the sofa catching up on paperwork and working on new playlists for my Deep work and Flow classes, but I often find I get stiff and achy after sitting too long, so I play on the sofa and do a stretch and mobility session! Especially if I am on my own! Thought I would video a small snippet of my moves, all on the comfy sofa which supports my back beautifully and adds a lovely padding! Always feel better afterwards!

I usually do 8 to 12 of each move. so this is a pared down version. Enjoy.

About Pilates Coach

Charmaine Beattie is a Pilates instructor at Definity Fitness, a bespoke Pilates studio, offering a selection of mat classes daily and regular scheduled reformer and equipment group sessions.

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