Excuse Me!

By Rumbidzo Gunduza

Excuse me! Fear
As I step into the sunshine of my hope
As I soak in the rays of new possibilities
And as the warmth of courage tingle on my scarred skin.

Excuse me! Regrets
As I walk past, no, saunter past my shame
As the hands of my past finally, release me
And I get to open my gift called present..

Excuse me! Please
The passion of my ambition cannot wait any longer
I have a whole adventure of uncertainty to explore
I am finally free.
Finally free to be me.

It’s a man’s world they say?
I will go ahead and create my own universe.
I will fight ‘til I succeed
Roll up the sleeves of opportunity
And dig the hands clean in the winning ground.
I won’t do it for their cheers
I won’t do it because of their sneers
I won’t get burnt by mockery
Because I am the steady flame.

It’s a man’s world they say.
Only until I showed up!

Copyright © Rumbidzo Gunduza 2020

Rumbidzo Gunduza is a multi-talented young female African artist with the heart and soul for social development. She is a spoken word artist with a potent message for hope, an actress that interrogates the meaning of life and a writer who initiates a new way of thinking. She is also an event host that brings life to occasions, keeping people captivated with her bubbly persona.

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