Extreme Archery

By Ian Dalton and Kundai Chihambakwe

Shooting the arrow. Image by Ian Dalton

In recent years, the National Archery in the Schools Program-Zimbabwe (NASP) has been increasingly doing well, but thereafter, there are not many archers taking the sport forward. This is despite archery being one of the fastest growing sports in the world!

Ian Dalton, an avid archer, took note of the distinct gap in the age groups that were participating in this recreational activity and launched Xtreme Archery in Harare in June of 2018. “I see this as a fun way to get people of all ages involved and interested, in fact we recently had a 7 year old and a 60 year old on the same playing field!”  

What is Xtreme Archery?

Inflated hiding towers. Image by Ian Dalton

Xtreme Archery is a mix between Paintball and Dodgeball with an Archery twist. The arrows have rubber stoppers on the end which makes a hit a far less painful experience than in Paintball. The bows are recurve bows (much like you would see in the Olympics). Participants wear protective face masks, their regular clothes and preferably running shoes.

The course has a boundary with two targets in the middle and six inflated towers for the players to hide behind. The course can also be set up at a location of your choosing, all we need is a 25m x 11m area. 

Teams have targets which they have to shoot at without being eliminated. If you are eliminated and a teammate catches an opponent’s incoming arrow, you can come back in and they have to go out. To win the game you need to shoot out the oppositions’ target. There are several different game formats which include the popular bullseye, last man standing and capture the flag.

Everyone is free to participate . Image by Ian Dalton

The minimum age for participation is seven years old.  Group size is not limited, however, the maximum players on the field at one time is 12. Sessions can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of the  group. Xtreme Archery is a great way to spend time with your friends, family and work colleagues as well as to try out an exciting new sport!

Photographs provided by Ian Dalton
Featured image by Pixabay.

Originally published in the 102nd issue of Ndeipi Magazine

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