By yolandaspoetry

There was something about you

You had fire in your eyes

It was the way you glared thoughtlessly

But in a manner of subtle disguise
My waters roared as they longed to free you
But one could only choke in the smoke that embraced you
I still admired the cinders that crackled from your face
Curious about the wounds that engraved scars
In this place
You had passion resonating from your bones
A certain strength that only kings posessed from their thrones
The only colours that lit your aura were invisible
Were you that invincible?
Malleable to the people that surrounded you but in a manner so discrete
Tangy tastes of brutal and dangerous but
cunningly sweet
There was something about you
That sprung from your soul
You had been emptied by tragedies and triumphs and trials
But you still stood whole
I could hear your heart utter sounds that were fine tuned to sombre melodies
but tactfully arranged in unpredictable harmonies
The music was strange- a mockery of symphonies made by the greats
But yours was different, it was solid
Yet smooth, defined by falsettos where windows would break
Yet the shatterring would signify the clarity and intensity of your notes
How pain denotes
The baseline of your lifeline
But undulates in manners that defy physics and flatlines
You had fire in your eyes
Unique to an excruciating extent
But just when someone said they’d like to know you
You left
You’d close before hellos had been made
Yet leave a lingering coldness that cried out that you needed to be saved
You were dim yet bright, a paradox of your fears
Far but near
Present emotionally but physically away
You had fire in your eyes
That was your disguise
The only weapon you posessed to lead us astray

The only way you knew love – to pull then push people away.

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Yolanda Lindsay Mabuto began writing poetry as early as 1996 .Yolanda has currently been published in 12 anthologies by Forward Press ( Peterborough ), and has been featured in literary magazines all over the world  some of which include, Applaud Africa magazine (Kenya), Zai magazine (Nigeria), Sentinel Literary Quarterly (London), Istanbul Literary Review (Turkey), Ghanaian Book Review (Ghana), Lagos Literary and Arts Journal (Nigeria), Klorofyl Magazine (Nigeria), Saraba Magazine (Nigeria), Sentinel Nigeria .

Yolanda’s first poetry collection titled ‘Ante Meridiem’ (latin for Before Noon) was self-published in December 2015 and was followed by her second poetry collection ‘Ode to Love’, January 2016. She has currently self-published 8 poetry collections, the others titled ‘Till Dawn’ ‘Hyacinth Flames’, ”EmO’ , ‘Mansuetude’, ‘Once upon a love story” and ‘Anathema’ .

She is also interested in short stories and children stories. Her first short story titled The Velvet Unicorn was published in 2018 and is perfect for children and for the young at heart. Yolanda will continue to broaden her writing interests as far as her wings will allow. All her books are available on Amazon. 
Yolanda holds a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science from Roosevelt Academy (Netherlands) and a master’s degree in Biomedical Science from Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg (Germany).

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