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Last night I stood up from my book (Barack Obama) at about 9 pm to take my jersey off – a sure sign that the end of winter is nigh? The Heroes weekend is just a few weeks away and this has traditionally been when our Zimbabwean in-built season calculator tells us summer is just around the corner. Time to start planning for the first fishing expedition of the new season.

So I thought I would remind readers of one of my trips to the Chirundu River when I stayed at Tim Balance’s Tiger Safaris. FYI – You are allowed to travel to a registered tourist destination if you have a copy of a confirmed booking.

When you are staying overnight on the Zambesi River with Tiger fishing rods all assembled you must be out of bed BEFORE sunrise. You wander down to the water’s edge, hot coffee mug in hand and view the first peaks of light filtering through the few clouds on the Eastern horizon – the waters were so calm on my last trip giving us all that “today’s gonna be my Tiger day” feeling. Our driver promptly arrived a little while later and then we were off – snacks and cooler bag all loaded. We did, of course, have a jacket on to cater for that early morning chill that one experiences when travelling at speed on a fishing boat.

By 7am on day one all four of us on the boat had pulled in our first Tigerfish – not world championship weight but, a fighting fish no less. Catching a Tiger is an experience that one just has to savour – when you first hook him they leap out of the water about 50 meters away trying to spit out the nasty hook that they have just consumed. Annoying to the Tiger but a magic sight in the eyes of the beholder sitting holding a strong fishing rod with a big grin on his face.

Isn’t it time you started planning another fishing trip? Contact Michelle 0778-020-699 to make your booking.  Goin Fishin.

Mike G

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