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By Harare Foodie & Kundai Chihambakwe

Showcasing Brilliant Food in Harare

I was fortunate enough to study in the United Kingdom for my tertiary education and I have always been a food lover…ALWAYS! My geographic location for this six year period coupled with the evolution of social media made it increasingly easy and convenient to use these online platforms to find new and exciting places to eat.

With just the click of a hashtag (#) followed by whatever you were craving that day, be it ribs, dumplings, over the top milkshakes, gourmet burgers – you name it, locating nearby restaurants that specialised in your gastronomic hankering became a breeze. Looking at a mix of uploaded customer and management pictures not only got my tastebuds excited, but also served as visual confirmation that what I was considering ordering would ACTUALLY be what would be plated.

Wonderful Restaurant

Upon my return to Zimbabwe, despite there being a wide selection of amazing restaurants offering great food options in Harare, it was not as easy to find pictures of meals from restaurants online. What I would mainly come across were staged management photos to give an idea of what you would be getting at any specific spot. Unfortunately, more often than not, most establishments at the time were greatly lacking in online presence.

This spurred me into action and I just started posting pictures every time I had a really great meal. The aim of this was to showcase that Harare food is not to be underestimated as well as to help identify where one could go to give my snapped meal a try for themselves.

I chose Instagram to document my Harare based eating adventures. Food just looks so good, like really, really good… and it deserves to be showcased accordingly. Instagram provides the ideal platform for this as it does not compromise on picture quality and offers a range of filters to help enhance a shot – shoutout to Instagram.

The Jam Tree

For my username, I wanted something that was not too complicated and reflected that I am really just a foodlover, living and overeating in Harare, hoping to be skinny one day…but I’ll let that dream go for now. From this, Harare Foodie (harare_foodie) was born online.

One would think I eat out a lot with all the pictures I post – and one would be right, just kidding I’m not rolling in the dough just yet. I am however fortunate enough to get out into our beautiful city and pick a restaurant or two every week. My choice generally goes with what I’m craving on that particular day or what I’ve seen online that looks delectable and I must give it a try and snap it with my iPhone 7 camera.

I try to balance this passion with my pocket by venturing to different establishments with varying price ranges. Sometimes I’m just popping in for a scoop of ice cream (a minute on the lips a life on the hips – sigh) or for a really big meal. My biggest single splurge….. hmmmm…. that would have to be Ocean Basket at the Village. I mean once you have the calamari you simply cannot walk away from the prawns, tempura prawn sushi (I may be a sushi lover but not the raw stuff – I’m not about that life), sole, extra prawns, extra calamari and side of mussels?
Dumplings are my guilty pleasure. I almost always order too many – I still eat them all though… and anything that has the option for extra cheese…I WILL get extra cheese! Currently I have found myself frequenting Gelato Crema ordering delectable gelato I actually have no business getting when I am meant to have been on a diet for the past three weeks, sigh.

Gelato Crema

I don’t adhere to a set criteria when it comes to my posts; if I enjoyed my meal I will post it – if I didn’t I won’t. My aim is to bring positivity to the food industry and in my personal opinion, I don’t really think I gain much from commenting on a meal or drink I didn’t like.

My following on Instagram has had a slow and steady growth. I am by no means the most followed foodie on Instagram but I value all 1208 members of the Harare Foodie Team and I really hope they do enjoy my posts and get some type of knowledge about where they would like to grab a meal in Harare. When I get stuck trying to find a speciality meal or just somewhere new to try out in general, I definitely recommend looking at a restaurant guide and the one in Ndeipi is one of the best with the such a large range of listed establishments – definitely a go to.

Dhonanzi Gourmet Donuts

I have been fortunate enough to have a couple of the establishments where I dined and posted about
approach me in various aspects. I am so grateful that these booming restaurants in Harare even notice lil old me.

In closing, I’d say to all, enjoy your food and savour every morsel and to the Harare eateries, I’d encourage you to continue building your online presence for we are in the social media era.

Cafe Veldemeers

Photographs by Harare_Foodie

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