Gender based violence

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With the whole world headed towards a complete lockdown, our daily living arrangements are constantly being rewritten. We all have to learn how to live with our family or partners (or ourselves!). It is surely very important, therefore, that we find ways to talk about co-habitating with others on a 24/7 basis rather than just during the evenings and weekends.

If we look at it from a positive angle we have, essentially, a God-Given opportunity to rebuild our life and relationships and do all those special things that you’ve never had time to do in Hurry Hurry worklife. What about if we divided our time into sensible slots – Start with 15 minutes of self meditation – sitting in your special spot in the garden – then a walk / run around the yard with the kids; then cook a light breakfast for Mom in bed; follow that up with an hour of catching up on emails with a 10 minute break before watching a few minutes of repeats on the Covid 19 News from afar. In the evening watch that family movie – just one and then read – I’ve just finished Fever – Deon Meyer – excellent book that makes you think really could be happening in the world right now.

I’ve just been sent this PDF advertising an organisation called Musasa regarding Gender Violence – so sad that this could really be happening within our community. Ciao Mike G.

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