Get ready. Leg day is here!

By Shirley Spreeth

Why is it important to workout on your legs?

  • Because some of the largest muscles in the body are in the lower part of the body i.e gluteus muscles and quadriceps, to be able to get as much blood and oxygen as possible to them your heart must work extra hard during leg workouts as these muscles are further away from the heart. The act of working this hard in turn results in a large amount of calories being burnt in the body.
  • Strength training your legs leads to an increased release of testosterone and the growth hormone in the body. The more exercise your large muscles go through the more hormones released, therefore leading to an increase in metabolism as well as muscle addition.
  • Not only does training and strengthening your legs lead to a better performance in sports, it also improves how effectively you carry out your day to day activities, for example walking , standing up or even siting down.


  1. Squats 30
  2. Lunges 20 on each leg
  3. Donkey kick 20 on each leg
  4. Alternating 3 legged dog leg lift – 20 each leg
  5. Side lunge 40 -20 each leg
  6. Flutters lying on stomach 50
  7. Fire hydrant 20 each leg
  8. Hamstring curl pulses 20 each leg
  9. Leg circles 30 each leg
  10. Frog both legs 40
  11. Frog alternating legs 20 on each leg 😀😀

Remember to enjoy !

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Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels

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