by Andrew Manyika

Word built like granite
Granting more of take than give
Made with more of die than live
Leaving bitter after-taste
After every time I depart in haste,

Leaving often
Often never feeling the full force of departure
Fearful that underneath it I would come undone
I would splinter and break
I would shudder and shake
I would stumble and fall
I would crumble and all
That would remain in my wake
Is smithereens and splintered dreams
And crimson streams
And little things
A collage of brokenness

So I steal myself away
Steel myself – counting down the days

Andrew Manyika is a poet on a mission to create and capture moments and memories. Armed with his unique combination of poetry and comedy, which he uses to both query and poke lighthearted fun at the world we live in. You can connect with Andrew here –

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