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By Charlene Hewat

This Picture was taken by GreenLine Africa

Greenline Africa, a local charity based in Victoria Falls is supporting the surrounding communities with food and hygiene packs during these times of crisis.  They have launched a campaign called:



What the eye doesn’t see the heart doesn’t feel.  When one sees communities in crisis one cannot ignore the hardship and suffering.  It is times like these that we need your support.

Access to food and water is an everyday reality for many vulnerable communities around the world.  Greenline Africa cannot change the world, but we can help make a difference in the communities we work with in Hwange Rural, 25-50km outside the town of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

98% of rural communities in the areas we work in do not have access to running water, some even walk 2km to 5kms to collect water for drinking and cleaning.  The basic premise of COVID-19 prevention is to undertake regular hand-washing and social distancing, which, when you have to join a queue for water, is extremely difficult to practice effectively.

This Picture was taken by Dave Brazier

More than 25% of Zimbabweans live with HIV, Tuberculosis is endemic, and approximately 80% of adults with HIV also have TB, making them extremely vulnerable to COVID-19.

The lockdown that is currently in place and the rising cost and availability of basic goods, means that rural communities are facing starvation as well as a viral pandemic.

Greenline Africa are actively involved in the community and need your support to help our vulnerable rural communities.   We deliver all the food and hygiene packs ourselves making sure that it is the vulnerable that are receiving the help that is so urgently needed.

US$50 a month can help support a family with a basic food pack.

US$20 can help support a family with a bucket, soap and face masks.

Please HELP – Any donation will help contribute towards helping these vulnerable communities.

Greenline Africa is also distributing SOAP and COTTON MASKS to frontline healthcare workers and clinics.  Mask kits are being made up at our local Dibu Community Centre and the local ladies groups are sewing the masks for distribution within their communities. Funds are needed to buy more material, cottons, needles etc.

Your donation will also go towards purchasing ESSENTIAL ITEMS FOR Food and hygIene packs AND SEWING MATERIALS FOR communities to make masks for frontline COMMUNITY healthcare workers AND clinics in the area.

For Regular updates please see our facebook page: Greenline Africa Trust.

Written by Charlene Hewat

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