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The word Karma is, I believe, used by some to describe the effect that happens to one when you help others in your community. Over the past few years, I have seen many unsung examples of it in our society – individuals that give their time to unselfishly help others less fortunate than themselves. So I welcome any opportunity to be shown examples of what they are achieving.

Earlier this week I was invited by Joanna Philp (philp@zol.co.zw) to drive down to the Harare Children’s Hospital in Southerton where we met up with Pediatrician, Dr Greg Powell. Greg is doing so much pro bona work at the hospital trying to implement all sorts of procedures to help run this large establishment ( +/- 300 beds). Together with Jo, and a few other hard-working individuals, they have just had a separate new wing built (see photos below) to facilitate the ever-increasing number of kids with birth defects such as cerebral palsy. The new building is full of the latest equipment for these children. Their parents (often ostracized from their peers) are given lectures and advice on how best to improve the lives of them and their handicapped children. Trained specialists from this new hospital are being sent out to district hospitals to pass on the training to the rural clinics

I was then given a tour of the main children’s hospital – very well laid but well overdue for a coat or two of paint. There are about 10 separate wings that all need some serious maintenance work. The well-known funeral group, Nyaradzo, have kindly offered to sponsor one of the sections. Greg and Jo are appealing to the corporate world to emulate Nyaradzo’s contribution. They have had a QS estimate costs and you are looking at about US$40k per wing per annum for the next 5 years.

There are all sorts of other ways people can help in smaller ways – lighting, doors, glass windows etc. If you would like to do your CSR bit (Corporate Social Responsibility) then please send Joanna an email today (philp@zol.co.zw)

If you are looking for something to do this weekend you would do well to drive down and take a walk around the hospital to evaluate the situation for yourself.

The most pressing issue right now is the ongoing strike by the Nurses with only a handful of them helping a hospital full of needy patients.

Are you ready to include a little Karma in your life? Ciao Mike Garden

What a man sows, this he will reap” – St Paul’s letter to the Galatians, 6:7

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