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We all too often hear about the depressing and non-functional parts of this country but we would like to commend the Harare Fire Services on their recent performance and to let everyone know that if you experience a fire, you are in very good hands!

On Saturday night at 11.30 p.m, we were abruptly woken to the staff quarters fully engulfed in flames around 6 metres high. Panic set in as our borehole had packed up that very morning and our water tanks were completely empty. We called the fire department who answered within 3 rings, asked all the right questions and rapidly dispatched a fire truck. This truck arrived at our house in a mere 8 minutes from Greendale to Chisipite and was closely followed by a second truck all the way from Belvedere. The fire had now spread to our laundry which adjoins our kitchen and was completely out of control. Ten well-equipped firefighters already dressed in their protective gear proceeded to attack the fire and much to our relief their trucks were full of water! Within 20 minutes they had contained the fire and saved our garage and our home.

The team remained for a further 45 minutes checking for flare-ups and even called for an ambulance to take our gardener to the hospital as he had been badly burned on his hands, face and neck. Our gardener, unfortunately, lost everything in the fire but at least escaped with his life.

Given the size of the fire, this was an incredible outcome. We are so grateful to all of the amazing firemen who helped us that night. They were all so professional and kind and deserve to be recognised for their outstanding performance. Other special thanks must go to Peter Lobel and The Insurance Council of Zimbabwe who had donated the two fire engines that arrived on the scene.

We are sharing the fire Department’s numbers here as we didn’t even have them saved on our phones!

0242 783980

0242 783985

Image by Pixabay from Pexels

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