Have you ever?

By Umind?!

Have you ever?
Ever soared to the highest mountain top
Above the biggest obstacles
When they all thought you couldn’t fight the wind?
Ever raced against the strongest speed
When they said you couldn’t catch your breath
Making it through the finish line?
Ever had so many victories
Nothing could stop you now
You’ve fought your biggest giants
As far as you are considered you have made the Guinness
Only to have an unexpected mountain leap up?
A highly ferocious hurricane
The thought of fighting yet another battle
Facing another giant?
Have you ever, ever thought at this point to give up?
To sit back and let them rewrite history
To allow the set back to change what could have been?
Have you ever thought of that?
Ever thought how it would sound
David the giant slayer flopped against Goliath
Little Red against the Wolf failing
The three little pigs murdered in broad daylight
There wouldn’t be that story
Theirs and yours
Thought of it
Have you ever?

Peggie Shangwa is known as Umind?! is a writer, Senior Editor at Groove Magazine International, a regular in Local Magazine, The Voice, speaker, voice-over artist and spoken word artist who thrives on word passion and speaks her mind in connection with her spirit, laying down heart issues on any platform.
Founder of Page Poetry Alive (PPA) a poetry collective that nurtures Page Poets, Spoken word artists, garnished by other art forms, creating a solid platform that will be a launchpad for different careers connecting them with the audience and facilitating the building of a niche market for each. Culminating in intercontinental Tours hosted yearly. She is featured on Badhilisha Poetry exchange program a podcast station in Africa and Indie feed an Online radio podcast station in the U.S.A, been published in a poetry exchange program in Nigeria called Silent Voices and is in South African Anthology Speaking in Tongues.

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