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Maintaining Mental Health with Dr Rukudzo.

By Dr Rukudzo Mwamuka – Tsungu How can one identify if their family is slipping into stress? Stress is an uncontrollable physiological response and usually …

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Drugs and addiction

I have never taken any illicit drugs and have no idea or desire on where to find them. They are, apparently and sadly, very easy …

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OGS – Who’s for tennis

When I was in High school some 50 years ago it was considered very “Sissy’ to play tennis – that was a rugger bugger era …

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Golfing with Old Timers

As I age (gracefully?) I am taking more and more notice of old timers. Just like many others I am endeavouring to work out how …

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Movember- A look At Men’s Health

 By Dr. Olga Filippa Nel, Clinical Psychologist The 1st of November marks the start of 30 days dedicated to men’s health through a movement called …

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Movember – Prostate cancer awareness

By Linda Mazorodze Good day, Thank you so much for the overwhelming support we received during the month of October for Breast cancer awareness. We …

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