Heartfulness Meditation : Wellness starts from Within

By Mutsa Samuel

I remember it clearly, it was 9 years ago when I had just moved back to Zimbabwe from South Africa and I was still ‘finding myself’. I was not really sure what that meant but what I did know for sure was that I was unhappy working in corporate South Africa, even though I lived in the richest square mile in Africa (Sandton) had a car and my own apartment. Something was missing in my life and after falling into a deep depression I knew I had to do something about it. 

So I quit my job, moved back to Zimbabwe, travelled to India and pursued what I felt I needed to do; which is to connect with people through speaking and then transform them through mentorship. This birthed my company UbuntuLab, Africa’s only Personal Growth Hub that deals with the holistic development of emerging market leaders, entrepreneurs and institutions. We believe that personal development should be all-encompassing and ensure all areas of life thrive; especially since they are interconnected. And key to me rediscovering why I existed was the inward journey I took through meditation. 

I practice Heartfulness Meditation and in this simple method, one brings his/her awareness to the heart area: or the seat of the soul. Why the heart? Because it is more than just an organ that pumps blood. Think about it: we talk of ‘heartbreak’ and say things like ‘my heart if filled with joy’ or ‘you have my heart’ . It is the most depicted image of love used in the media! This is not because of what it actually looks like or its core function of pumping blood but because of what it represents: a connection with a deeper part of you. 

My path of finding my authentic self led me to India, where I spent a month learning heartfulness and meeting people who were on a similar path. I became a certified meditation practitioner and began weaving meditation into my work. I have had the privilege of teaching mediation across Africa; from the leadership training I did for the National Youth Empowerment Initiative in Nairobi, Kenya, to the creative facilitation I did for corporates in the Oil and Gas Industry in Lagos, Nigeria and the response has been amazing. 

The benefits of meditation are countless; from reduced stress and anxiety, lowering blood pressure, to increased focus and an overall better sense of Self. This is why I believe it is one of the elements missing in our great continent. We do not self-introspect as Africans hence we do not deal with our internal collective traumas and past hurts. We often find destructive coping mechanisms which lead to addictions or bury these traumas deep inside which leads to untreated depression – the leading cause of suicide. 

If we are serious about our wellness, then we must think holistically and mediation is a great may to know yourself more and progress your health from the inside out. 

Mutsa Samuel is a Global Speaker, Creative Facilitator and Personal Growth Mentor. He is also an author of his recently published book 30 Days of Transformation: A Guide to Your Authentic Self (available in Zimbabwe and Amazon). He is also the founder of UbuntuLab (www.ubuntulab.africa) For one on one 5 week sessions on finding Your Authentic Self contact him on mutsa@ubuntulab.africa or Thabani on +263 775 122 019 to book. 

Social Media: @mutsasamuel 

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