Highly Recommended Reading- Fever by Deon Meyer

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On the odd occasion when I (used to) travel away for a weekend’s break, I (used to) like taking a couple of new books to pass the time of day – 2 because the story in at least one of them generally never matches the fancy cover photo and wording on the back page. So when I went up to Tiger Safaris in Chirundu a couple of long weeks ago I popped into my local Bookstore and bought one autobiography and one fictional tale. Sitting reading on the verandah the first night  – sipping a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc – the worst I had to worry about was this monster of a Hippo silently creeping up to just within a few metres of me to idly browse under the spotlight. – seems so tame compared to what we could possibly face over the next few months with Covid 19

A few nights ago , I finished Eric de Jong’s very flamboyant tale of Running Dogs and Rose’s Children. So I picked up the 2nd book – Deon Meyer’s “FEVER” – I’m finding it hard to drag myself away from reading it.

The original manuscript was written in Afrikaans 4 years ago – I’m reading the translated version. Deon’s hero writes of the time spent with his Dad after a Corona Virus wiped out almost all of civilisation in South Africa. Written well before the current crisis he describes how a homeless man was sleeping under a tree and a sick Bat defecated above him with the result landing in his open month. Many have written that this current Covid 19 started in a very similar manner in Wuhan, China

The chapters are short and to the point – with all sorts of hidden messages to the reader about how the world might be after the apocalypse. He relates to BF and AF – before and after the Fever. As the author indicates we as a world could be SO Different AF.

Its not the right time to buy it in the shops but those of you that like to read using Kindle would do well to have Fever as your next download. Time to stop watching that TV and Read a good book. Mike G

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