HIIT Overall Body Workout by Ndurance Fitness

 Kick start this week with this all over body burner!!!

Warm -Up -2-3 rounds -30 seconds Jumping Jacks and 30 seconds Mountain Climbers.

High Knees by Ndurance Fitness

Workout 3-4 rounds ( the more you do the more of a challenge it will be)30sec,15-30secs rest -shorter rest time will also increase the difficulty. 2 minutes rest at the end of each round .

1.High Knees – keep those knees up.

Squat jump forward into burpee +walk in by Ndurance Fitness

2.Squat jump forward into burpee+ walk in- soft knees when you land.

Side Crunches by Ndurance Fitness

3.Side Crunches.

Kettlebell Swings by Ndurance Fitness

4.Kettlebell swings -remember to thrust from your hips, don’t bend your knees too much, just a soft bend hinging back from your hips .Do not overextend your back at the top; you should not be feeling this in your lower back at all, more in your flutes and upper body.

Side lunge with jump squat by Ndurance fitness

5.Side lunge into Jump Squat.

Unilateral deadlift to Bicep curl by Ndurance Fitness

6 Unilateral deadlift to Bicep curl- keep your form on the deadlift even if your weight is light , you will still feel this. You can use a kettlebell too or anything that will work for the movement to add weight.

Enjoy this little burner!

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