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On my early morning run today I passed by a couple of local schools which gave rise to thoughts on why schools were initially established a few centuries ago. Surely they were a central meeting point for young children to gather and be taught the basic principles of education. Were they also not a place for kids to mix with their peers both in the classroom and in the playground. As I ran along I thought about all the things our young kids are missing out on because of the current Covid Lockdown.

When I was at junior school some 60 years ago it was only natural for little ones to run out of the classroom at break time screaming in delight at the prospect of scoring a goal against their school mates; it was normal for little Johnny to come home several times each winter with a runny nose or covered in grass burns. Moms would be there to give them a hot cup of soup and tuck them into bed till the cold went away or to cover the affected legs with bright red Mercurochrome and Elastoplast.

Then there were the sports days, or the school plays when all the proud moms and dads would sit and watch their prodigies from the back of a huge hall sitting in very uncomfortable chairs on cold, red cement floors.

As I carried on with my run, I thought about a few very bright people who have worked for me over the years that had completed their last few years of education in Home Schooling. With the lockdown scenario, we have all had to endure over the past year many parents will have given the idea of Home Schooling some serious thought. It certainly costs a whole lot less than one pays to send a child to a private school but do the children not lose out on sports and interaction with large crowds of pupils?

Why not share your thoughts on Home schooling versus Private/ Public Schooling in Zimbabwe?

I look forward to hearing from you all

Ciao Mike G.

Featured Image by August de Richelieu from Pexels

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