How to deal with reckless drivers


Driving can be stressful, especially if there are aggressive drivers on the road. Do not let anger get the better of you regardless of the situation. Road rage can lead to serious accidents, so always keep your emotions in check. Never yell, point fingers, or threaten other drivers. Remember that you have no control over other drivers,  you can only control your behaviours and actions. 

Always remember that driving is a privilege and not an entitlement. You must exert all efforts in making sure that you drive responsibly to avoid harming yourself and others. 

• Reckless driving is a common occurrence on our roads. 

• From speeding in built-up areas to not maintaining a good following distance, drivers are constantly on edge. 

It’s safe to say the majority of motorists have experienced reckless driving behaviour on our roads. And if we are willing, to be honest, some of those incidences are our fault. It’s a reality of driving in Zimbabwe and one that can have dire consequences if the situation is not dealt with properly. The actions of aggressive drivers can place you and your family at risk and you should constantly be on the lookout for these drivers and then know what the best course of action is when they approach your vehicle. The ultimate objective should be to put as much distance between yourself and these drivers as possible. “No matter how infuriating it may be to encounter a driver like this, suppress the temptation to block them off, match their speed or express your frustration in gestures. Accept that reckless drivers are inevitable and let them move past you without a reaction from your side. ,”

Other things you can do to protect yourself from reckless drivers include:

Change lanes and move as far away from the driver as possible, even if it means giving way to them.  If you spot a driver who is endangering other drivers If it is a company car, note the number on the truck and let the company or owner know what their driver is doing. Never cross an intersection just assuming it is safe to do so because it is your right of way. Always double check before moving off. Do not try to keep pace with someone who is exceeding the speed limit but rather let them pass, especially if they are tailgating you.

Increase your following distance if you are behind a reckless driver in case their lack of foresight forces them to brake suddenly or if they brake suddenly to get a rise out of you. A large gap between yourself and a reckless driver will also give you time to react should a driver make a move without signalling their intention. Do not engage with someone driving erratically. The use of drugs, in particular, can elicit an irrational response from a driver like this.

One should also be on the lookout for drivers who are driving recklessly because they could be intoxicated. While spotting a driver who is driving erratically because they are on their phone can be exasperating, hooting at them, driving close to get their attention or various other means of chastising them can make the situation more dangerous. Rather focus your efforts on moving away from them.

FOR SAFE RELIABLE MOTORING….. Car Problems and Solutions.

Car breakdowns never happen under ideal circumstances. Nope, they happen when you’re already running late to work or while trapped in heavy traffic or when you’re a lone wolf in the middle of nowhere with no cell reception or automotive know-how, or when Mother Nature has decided that the pelting rain or blinding mist isn’t enough for you to deal with that day. One of the most *awesome* places for a car to break down is on a road that has no shoulder. A shoulder-free road gives you no option to pull over or push your car to get out of traffic, away from the not-so-helpful screaming and honking motorists behind you, and into a safe area.

Although this situation warrants a well-deserved freak-out, panicking need not be part of the equation, Even if you know how to fix your vehicle, do not attempt to do so with traffic buzzing around you, calling for help via cell phone or in-car service. If neither is an option, he urges you to exercise extreme caution when leaving your car and walking to the nearest call box where you can safely call for help. Also, We strongly discourage you from flagging down other motorists on a busy shoulder-free street because your actions could trigger a larger incident.

By reacting calmly and keeping safety a priority, you will be able to navigate the stress of a breakdown until help appear

Reaching the destination safely is the best reward for any motorist! Should you encounter any motoring issues, remember that Drive Zimbabwe Roadside Assistance provides 24/7 Roadside Assistance Service for our Members and the motoring community. Whilst it’s possible to reduce your risk of breakdown, it’s an unfortunate reality that even the most expertly maintained and superbly driven vehicle may break down due to unforeseen circumstances. In these instances, Drive Zimbabwe Roadside Assistance breakdown cover can make all the difference. Call us or  Whatsapp at 0780 579 261/0718 084 297 / 0736 523 424 and Join Today.

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