Hyperrealism & Me

By Shanfield McLeish Moyo

My art journey began in high school when I was 15 years old. I was inspired by the work of a classmate who used ballpoint pens as his medium. I was deeply impressed by his talent and immediately picked up a pencil and began to draw. My school did not offer art as a subject and we didn’t have an art club or any art literature. This meant that l depended entirely on myself and my inspiration for practice and motivation. After having studied Maths, Biology and Chemistry at A-Level, I faced a lot of pressure from my teachers and those around me to proceed to University. I wondered whether there was any institution that could teach me beyond what I already knew. I resolved that would make use of my talent and earn a decent living from it.

Wall of Comrades

With the initial opposition out of the way, my next challenge is acquiring the materials I need to produce my work. The paper l use is produced in the United States, purchasing and shipping it to Zimbabwe is almost impossible. My genre of choice, Hyperrealism, which is painting, drawing or sculpture that resembles high resolution photographs requires charcoal pencils. They produce very rich, deep tones, unlike Graphite pencils that produce a characteristic shine.

Don Cheadle

My drawings mainly focus on Wildlife and Human portraiture. I have always been fascinated with wildlife and all its diversity. Each animal has its own unique traits and I enjoy the challenge of capturing their different patterns, textures and fur. Every drawing feels like an adventure, uncharted territory until it takes shape on paper. My observational skills improve each time and have enhanced my ability to capture different types of textures. As much as I enjoy the challenge and adventure of wildlife drawing, my true love is drawing human portraits. In fact, my mantra is;

Master how to draw hyper realistic human portraits and you can draw virtually anything!

Death Stare

If you would like to see more of my work or would like to commission me to do an artwork for you contact me on the following platforms:

Facebook: Shanfield Moyo
Instagram : mcleish_sm_art

Images provided by Shanfield McLeish Moyo

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