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Now that Tourism Zimbabwe has been given the official permission to reopen, we at Nzira Travel Zimbabwe are doing what we can to promote domestic tourism. So, we took a day trip out to Imire Game Park (110km from Harare) yesterday. Early September has to be the best time of the year to travel east of Harare and we were justifiably rewarded with some magnificent displays of Munhondo and Msasa trees in full bloom – the multitude of colours ranging from ochre through browns, reds, oranges and greens.

Imire is, of course, well known as one of the leading Rhino Conservancies and during our morning game drive we came across both Black Rhino and White (Afrikaans “Wid”) – see mom below keeping a beady eye on 2 month old Tariro (White). Way back in the 60s in our Nature Study classes we were taught (and examined on) the 5 major differences between White and Black Rhino – any guesses? If anyone has read Norman Travers’ book on his Imire they would know about “Nzou” the Elephant matriarch of their herd of Buffalo.

By applying professional game management skills, Imire has, over the years, carefully introduced and developed a well-stocked gamepark filled with ample herds of the more common Zimbabwean antelope – Eland, Kudu, Sable, Tsessebe and many others. Our guide yesterday, Anyway, was very entertaining giving us useful tips and information about all the wild animals we came across. Lunch too was an excellent chicken curry, served with a glass of very cold sauvignon blanc, whilst overlooking the stunning munhondo trees surrounding one of their dams – the still blue waters with the trees in the background must be an artist’s or photographer’s dream scenario.

Imire is, more than anything, an excellent place for young (& old) to learn so much about the great variety of wild life that we are truly blessed to have in our country. If you have kids sitting bored at home waiting for school to reopen then I would highly recommend you organise a group day trip out to Imire with a few of their mates – maybe even staying the night. Contact Mugove 0777-564-096 for more details. If you are in the tourism industry and would like us to review your resort please contact me or one of my staff – or – 0242-782-271 and speak to Naomie, Nomsa or Rudo. Spring is in the air – Mike G.

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