In Conversation with Noreen Chenesai Mangoma of Chenesai Africa

By Juliet Tsitsi Mashiri

I had an interesting conversation with Chenesai who is a creative economic catalyst, an entrepreneur and the founder of Chenesai Africa, a multi-discipline fashion house. Chenesai has taken it upon herself to always seek and provide solutions that cater to the needs of the society.

Chenesai wearing her reusable non-surgical mask

As someone who is constantly on the pulse of what is going on in the world, Chenesai became aware of the rise in studies taking place all over, that showed wearing non-surgical masks can reduce the spread of COVID-19 transmission. Globally there is a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment for our health and essential services workers on the frontlines, these reusable non-surgical masks make it easier for you and I to protect ourselves whilst also making sure the necessary surgical masks go to the relevant people who are our essential workers. Henceforth, Chenesai Africa has pledged to take part in the global initiative #maketogive where their goal is to make 3,000 non-surgical masks to give out to farmers on the Marondera Farm Belt. “Farming is an essential service, our farmers need to be protected and the nation needs food”

A farmer who is one of the recipients of the masks.

Zimbabwe is a country that has always come together in times of need and now is the time for us to play our part as responsible citizens. Chenesai Africa in their effort to scale up the initiative for impact has reached out to several youth organisations giving them online tutorials on how to make the masks and also to spread the word fast digitally. They are also repurposing old bedsheets and bedskirts for the cause. If you want to take part or support this initiative email or you can reach out to us on

#masksforallzimbabweans #maketogive #preventivemeasures
Youth from Ignite Youth Zimbabwe and Africa Arise Youth  increasing awareness of the preventative measures to help reduce transmission

You can also connect with Chenesai on these platforms: Website –, Facebook – Noreen Chenesai Mangoma, Instagram – @chenesaiafrica

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