In Conversation with Troika Design Workshop

The Ndeipi team had the opportunity to speak to Phillip Kudzayi, one of the co-founders of Troika Design Workshop (TDW). TDW is a collaborative network of leading experts working with clients and communities to develop and successfully deliver innovative solutions. 

ND: Who is TDW?

PK: TDW is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm involved in the built environment. Our areas of expertise include construction management, architecture, cost management and project management. We like to think of ourselves as the consulting team that delivers delightful built environments. The principals at TDW all studied architecture, and the firm does have a bias for work with an ‘architectural twist’ 

ND: What does TDW specialize in?

PK: TDW has traditionally dominated the residential sector. We have a strong presence in that sector and see an opportunity in that space. Our work ranges from individual homes on small lots, to multi-million dollar multi-unit developments. We see substantial opportunity in this sector and will continue to pursue opportunities.

ND: Projects you have completed so far (highlight any design, construction and engineering work that went into it)  

PK: We have completed a substantial number of buildings in the past 3 years. Our most interesting projects(in our opinion) are often the lesser-known ones in our body of work. We have a strong bias for projects that are a “triumph of economic and rational might over the size of budgets) We have worked on a country lodge in Nyanga which is nearing completion and we think the project is our most prized work because it is humane, sensible, budget conscious and yet delightful and effective. 

We are also proud of a few luxury residences we have completed around the city.

ND: Project(s) you are currently working on 

PK: We think the future lies in design-build arrangements. We are working on several interesting developments and are working alongside financiers and contractors to develop higher quality homes at more competitive price points. Our observation is that the entry point for homeownership is too high, and there should be a better way to get more people onto the property ladder. I am not able to divulge details at this point, but through our property development arm, Turnbury Property developers you will soon see a different approach.

ND: Are there any Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that TDW is currently taking part in?

PK: Yes and No. We are a young company and have not had enough time to figure it all out. We acknowledge the importance, and significance of CSR, and are in conversations with the team on how best we can make a difference.

We have spent substantial time and resources training aspiring professionals who seek to study any course in the built environment. Of late, our focus has started shifting to underrepresented and unprivileged individuals. We are exploring ideas around scholarships, internships, career education and trying to invest in the future of the built environment by encouraging more kids to take up a career in the built environment.

We want to do more…

Images by Troika Design Workshop

Originally published in the 4th Ndeipi Newsletter

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