Interior Design for Beginners

By Debbie Robertson

A well-lit house is one of the keys to making it feel like a home. When selecting your lighting, consider what tasks you do in a room and the ambience you want to create…

  1. Fluorescent lights make it easier for you to see details, such as when you have a vanity mirror, while soft, yellowed lights are great for long periods of time so that they don’t strain your eyes.
  2. Don’t forget to layer your lights, one is generally not enough. For example, in the living room you could have a floor lamp, a table lamp, and your overhead lights. This creates many different light options. Whether you want to read, enjoy a movie, or have a group of guests over, you can adjust the lighting to your needs.
  3. Dimmers are a great option no matter which room you’re in. You can adjust the ambiance of a room all with the turn of a dial. Turn it low to make it romantic, or turn it up to make it professional, the choice is yours.
  4. Accent Lights make you focus on something. So, having a chandelier over your dining room table or spotlights directed at a piece of art will really draw the eye and showcase your favourite pieces.
  5. Don’t forget your natural lighting; having windows is an important part of making it work. It helps you reduce electricity bills and brings a warmth to your home that light bulbs simply cannot recreate.
  6. If you can, opt to use energy saving bulbs, this will help you save money in the long run, protect the environment, and you can feel better about keeping your home beautiful and well lit!

Images from Pexels

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