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HI All

I have been sent regular updates on the water levels in Kariba – it would seem that the water has been rising about 50mm per day (Lomagundi Lakeside) for the past 5 or 6 weeks

“..Water is now back in Chawara Harbour so speed boats and small houseboats can get in, up the channel.

The lake is still closed to everyone except essential services (Lake Harvest and Padenga Ume farm).

A lot of houseboat and lodge owners are offering great specials for when the lake/travel re-opens.

The weather is beautiful at the moment, lovely sunny, warm days and cool evenings – but not freezing – yet!

KAWFT resumed their snare patrols 2 weeks ago, we have 2 snare patrol teams at the moment and have been very busy removing snares in all areas – idle lock down hands have been very busy laying snares!

98% of Kariba residents have adhered to the lock down and our local TM Supermarket were quick to bring in social distancing as well as hand sanitising etc.

Most residents are wearing masks now too.”

Ciao Mike G.

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