Keeping stress at Bay!

Our minds are powerful tools and during times of anxiety, we need to take stock of our meditations to ensure it works positively. Here are some ways to stay stress free; remember, your mental wellness starts with you.

Don’t be stressed

It is normal to feel sad, distressed, worried, confused, scared or angry during a crisis. Talk to people you trust. Contact your friends and family.

Find your peace

If you must stay at home, maintain a healthy lifestyle (including a proper diet, sleep, exercise and social contact with loved ones at home).

Stay in touch

Keep in touch with family and friends through email, phone calls and making use of social media platforms.

Be strong

Don’t use tobacco, alcohol or other drugs to cope with your emotions.

Get advice

If you feel overwhelmed, talk to a health worker or a social worker, or another trusted person in your community (e.g. religious leader or community elder).

Find help

Have a plan where to go and seek help for physical and mental health and psychosocial needs, if required.

Avoid negative media

Decrease the time you and your family spend watching or listening to upsetting media.

Safety first

Put measures that prevent sexual abuse and exploitation for children in affected families e.g. children left alone due to quarantined parents. Link the children with community childcare workers (CCWs).

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