Killer Booty Burner Workout!

By Ndurance Fitness

Burn that Booty!

3-4 rounds, 30-45 seconds in between exercises and 2 minute rest at the end of each round.

1.Curtsy Lunge.

2.7,7,7, Single leg Thrust .7 full reps with 3 secs hold at the top, 7 1&1/4 reps, 7 full reps then hold the last rep for a 7 second isohold (at the top of the movement). You will do all reps at once,  there is no break in between the reps of 7(evil grin)

3.Reverse Lunge, into a kickback, into a knee up. Squeeze that flute on the kick back before you bring your leg forward and up.

4.Sumo Deadlift- I improvised and used a broom with two jerry cans to get some more weight, but you can also feel a backpack or bag with some heavy pantry goods too. You can also use a kettlebell or dumbbell too and if you don’t have weights just do sumo squats with a 3 sec pause at the bottom.

5.Elevated Hip Thrusts- you can do these with body weights or add in weight and a band for added resistance.Squeeze hard at the top of the movement.

6.Single Leg B Stance Squat- there are two variations on this showing a beginner then slightly more advanced movement.This is a good way to build up strength for a single leg squat like a pistol squat.

Enjoy the challenge!

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