Lets normalise good driving behaviour and driver safety


Let’s normalise good driving behavior and driver safety, so here is our every day’s worth of digestible driving tips to provoke thought and change the way we drive.

Daily Driving Tip 1:
39% of motorists are driving on under-inflated tyres or illegal tyres, and with thousands of road casualties and fatalities on our roads a direct result of unroadworthy tyres, isn’t it time you checked your tyres? Get into ‘rubber’!
Daily Driving Tip 2:
Beware all vulnerable road users – pedestrians and cyclists with no protection can be easily injured, and as darker nights approach they may not be easy to see. Think ahead – think for them, better than a serious collision that you’ll regret forever.
Daily Driving Tip 3:
Even when going backwards – the most important tip in driving is to think ahead! The smart driver always needs to be one step ahead of others to avoid manoeuvring incidents.
Daily Driving Tip 4:
Without exception, every road user will make mistakes at some point. Think ahead – what’s likely to happen next, what can you do to avoid being involved in someone else’s errors?
Daily Driving Tip 5
Drivers changing lanes often hit an unseen vehicle in their ‘blind spot’ that they couldn’t see. Think ahead – can the other driver see you? Why put yourself where you can’t be seen?
Daily Driving Tip 6
Driving from home to a destination may take you exactly 33 minutes – but does that time allow for the parking delays, the time spent walking from that distant car park? Think ahead – good journey planning means allowing enough time for all of the journey.
Daily Driving Tip 7
Now it’s winter! Good driving starts the night before, checking the weather forecast for adverse conditions. Think ahead – have you allowed for clearing your screen, for added journey times with poor visibility?

Daily Driving Tip 8
Most collisions on the road are not an act of god or a chance happening, but a predictable and repetitive sequence of events with logical outcomes. Tiredness, experience and vehicle condition are all factors. Think how these will affect your driving today.
Daily Driving Tip 9
Driving while using a hand-held mobile phone is an offence. Think ahead! Why not set a voicemail message to say, “If I’m not answering. I could be driving”? Spread the word. Safely!

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