Life after the Storm

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By Edwin Dzikiti

Soon the rain will be over my son, and the sun will shinebright like it never rained,” responded Mattadei to her son. “How much you shine when the sun is out depends on what you do in the dark hours. If you sit down to lament how the dark hours have besieged you, and left you paralysed, the coming of the sun may still do the same. It’s not the brightness of the sun that brings life to the plants, rather how deeper its roots stretch,” further continued Mattadei. “Tell me wise mother, what exactly are we supposed to be doing in the midst of such a seemingly unforgiving storm? Very soon you said the sun, will shine again. Should we just fold our hands and wait for such a blissful moment?” interjected Rungano. With a smile full of assurance, and unshakeable confidence she answered him, “Indeed the sun shall soon shine again, prepare for it.”

The coming of the storm upon any people sometimes brings with it dissipation of hope, plans are put on hold and other rescue plans are invented to come out of a crisis. What seemed to be a promising year, is soon thrown away into an abyss of failure and no-come back because of the storm. COVID-19’s effects have not been exceptional on our economy and social lives. Many companies and households are already limping from the economic embargo this epidemic has placed on our trade, already on a background of paralysed economy. The recent worldwide lockdown has even made it worse, with many forced to work from home. Many have been wondering will normalcy take its course again? Will life ever be what it was before this lockdown?  How do we behave in such a moment of uncertainty? 

In the midst of a storm, attention is always turned to how to get pass through that phase. Little or no attention is given to the life thereafter. Literature is awash with survival strategies, with “Seven strategies to survive…” “How to come out of….” among other titles dominating even theatre.  Do we forget that one day we will wake up to realise a new dawn is upon us? Have we ever been taught to prepare for life after the storm? Are we ready to see ourselves post-storm era? This lockdown we are in will one day be declared over and business will demand us. The corporate sector, our families and community will become demanding upon us in an effort to recover the lost hours. Sales teams will meet higher monthly targets, technical teams will have more faults and installations to attend to, help desk will be inundated with calls and queries than ever, management definitely has to come up with new strategies. In the meanwhile, it is very wiser for one to be investing in themselves in preparation for that season. After the lockdown it’s not going to be business as usual, the demand is going to be higher, much effort is going to be required, long hours on the mill are going to be requisite. Positioning one for such a transformation is a must if we are not going to recede as if the storm is forever present.

Quick points on preparing for the coming of the sun.

➢ Study trends in your area-things are not remaining the same. Changes are coming every day. There is need for knowledge upgrade. Look beyond your usual area of operation and get a feel of how things are done elsewhere. “This is how things are done here,” will soon disappear. Study the trends your field is taking especially in an effort to boost sales after the lockdown. Bring in fresh implementable ideas after this lockdown. Your relevance is information based.

➢ Keep in touch with relevant contacts. You cannot afford to be transactional in such a time when you have no idea whose favour you are going to need. What gives you an edge after the storm? Why would XYZ Inc. want to continue trade with you when you are not the only service provider? Check on your colleagues and workmates. We can always forget what people said to us, but we will surely never forget how they made us feel. What you do in the storm determines who invites you for dinner when the sun begin to shine.

➢ Identify and connect to new contacts.  Your business after all this lockdown will need you to expand your customer base. Identifying new possible business leads and nursing them in such a time will prove beneficial when the storm is over. Crises always have in their wings, the new stretches as need for survival grows. Do not turn a blind eye to such, nurse it.

About the writer: Edwin Dzikiti

Edwin Dzikiti is a marketer, a speaker, and the author of The Rebel in Me. He writes in his personal capacity. You can get in contact with him on +263776986812 or on twitter @ Edwin_Dzikiti,

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