Life In A Biscuit Tin

By C. Anilloc

“Adapt or die.”

That’s what I was recently told. Not by my father, not by a mentor, not by a friend and not by a book. This frank rebuttal to any fight I had against this changing time was said to me by two pieces of metal lying in a scrap jewellery heap. I’ll tell you how later, first, let me tell you why.

Years ago on my birthday, a clearly attentive acquaintance walked into my office with a gift; a small biscuit tin. Have you ever been disappointed after opening one of these to find old batteries, paperclips and buttons? Well, I set my expectations as low as accepting the gift was the tin itself. Turns out it wasn’t, or rather, was part of it. The gift was not biscuits either. In it were resin beads, faux pearls, clips and chains! The surprising elation I felt that moment defined me: I am a scrap jeweller.

It’s my form of meditation I guess; remedy for overthinking. I can spend hours on end taking further apart broken accessories and reconstructing them to my taste. Sometimes, however, bits call to each other and I must obey then see the outcome along with everyone else. Such is the case with those two pieces – from a new biscuit tin might I add – a miniature key and an ornamental bullet.

The key said, when life demands new ways of thinking, you should open up your mind. No waiting needs to happen for the constructs of your core. Don’t hold out just to fall back in the fold, make choices as deliberately as you do when you unlock a door. The bullet said, you may not be the one holding the gun that prematurely terminates your plans, but accepting defeat is what will bleed you out. On a box chain I wear them now, round my neck as a reminder that when the pain hits you, you can leave it lodged or carve it out, but never stop living. So what is living you ask? It’s creating, yes, even from this biscuit tin.

Collina is a writer, painter, designer and performance artist who goes by the brand name “Anilloc”. She dabbles in amateur photography.
PHONE:0785 116 046

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