Lion Park: Get close with nature right out of the city

By Afronomads

Harare is an amazing city, bustling with life yet manageable to navigate. While there is so much to do in the city, once in a while, one needs to unwind and connect with nature. If you think you need to catch a flight or drive 5 hours to view wildlife, you are wrong. It is actually possible to fulfil your wildlife experience without ever leaving the Harare province, better yet, you can learn a lot about conservation and enjoy wildlife without breaking the bank for a safari experience. Lion Park is the place for you to have a unique experience with nature and wildlife.

For discerning nature lovers,Lion Park is an enchanting, serene sanctuary. Lion Park, once known as Lion and Cheetah park, is 23 km drive from Harare CBD. It offers a great wildlife experience as animals are in their natural habitat. The park abounds with wildlife including zebra, giraffes, impala and of course lions. A recent exciting addition to the park is the Camels, Boniface and Agnes which makes it the only park in Zimbabwe with camels.

Lion Park is a great place to have an up close and personal experience with the lions. The lions at the park are in their natural habitat, while some are enclosed for safety measures. The real highlight is driving into the game area where lions can come closer to your vehicle making it a great opportunity for nature photographers and enthusiasts to capture the kings of the jungle up-close. This park is a great place for both children and adults. Adults can enjoy a braai or picnic on the grounds of the park while children can play around the designated playgrounds. 

One of the Lion Park’s most popular residents is Tommy, a Galapagos tortoise who is 300 years old and weighs over half a tonne. Children will particularly love feeding and interacting with Tommy. The Lion park is also a great learning centre for children as they are exposed to the different  animals and species within the park by knowledgeable guides. Harare is a business hub and for the for-business travellers and tourists alike who are perennially crunched for time, Lion Park is the perfect place to experience the wild without having to visit other safari towns for the experience.

Recently, a travel company -Africa’s Connect introduced the Bush Dinner Experience which provides the most memorable dining experiences in the bush with a front row seat of the animals including giraffes, kudu and zebra. This is another great experience for couples, family celebrations and friends getaways for a day. As they say, seeing is believing.” You will not regret this escapade. Lion park is open 366 days of the year including all the public holidays.

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