Lockdown not Locked Down

By Kadzutu, Siphosenkosi Jedidiah

I am locked down but my body, mind and spirit are free. That means I am on lockdown but it does not mean that I am locked down.

I will not even sugar coat it, we are in one of the most trying times ever. The worst thing is starting what is supposed to be a new year by getting into the 13th month of what wasn’t the best year for most people. My question for you though is are you going to let this lockdown lock you down? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? That is a great question.

Most if not all of us were now used to a routine of either going to school (studying, doing your sports/culturals or preparing for University) or you were now so used to going to work or maybe you had just started your business and everything seems to have halted because of this pandemic. You probably wake up feeling useless, with no plan and not knowing what to do with yourself. Things like depression, uncertainty, confusion and worst of all fear of all your worst nightmares coming to pass. Alas there is still hope and I will tell you why.

There are two types of people in world: 1) I will wait for the pandemic to be over to be fruitful; 2) I will be fruitful no matter what. Question is what type of person are you?

Have you ever asked yourself why during this pandemic some people are getting richer and some are hitting rock bottom? The reason for that is because of the distinction between the two types of people. It made me ask this question: What really makes these two types of people different? And then it hit me, It’s the mentality. Mentality by definition means a way of thinking, or a set of beliefs or a mindset. Ask yourself what your mentality is like in this current time we are in?

Imagine yourself as a singer. If you had the mentality of a type 1 person you would probably say something like this: ‘GOSH. This pandemic has just spoiled my plans. I am going to wait for this thing to pass and I will start singing again’. If you had the mentality of a type 2 person you would probably say something like this: ‘Alright this pandemic has messed up the plans. Although it is a good time for me to work on that note I have been wanting to hit. Maybe I can also write a song to uplift people during this trying time and host some free live acoustic sessions on Instagram’. Which singer will make the most out of this pandemic? Who will wake up each day of the lockdown with something to look forward to? Who will be in a better state of mind? I will leave that to you to decide.

All I am saying is this lockdown should not lock down the progress you want to make in your life. It should not keep you away from perfecting that rugby pass, starting online courses that complement the degree you want to study or studying for those final exams. It should not keep you from reading material to help you run your company better or even starting your own company. It should not keep you from strengthening the relationship between you and your partner, your kids, you parents and even your friends. All it requires you to do is to JUST START now. I am sure by now you know which mentality I would encourage you to have.

I wrote more about this in my book “BECOMING 19” which is a book that will help you to transform the way you think so that you can become the best version of yourself even during this pandemic. At the end of it all you should walk out of this as a better human being, better than you were before the pandemic hit. In my next article I will show you more on how to adopt the right mentality to help you to become the best version of yourself. I want you to know that YOU can be FRUITFUL in times of affliction. Let us be better, let us be fruitful and let us all TAKE ALL AND LEAVE A LEGACY.

Siphosenkosi J Kadzutu


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