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By Lienne Shoniwa

My name is Lienne and my business story is not the most conventional story, I started with a market before I even had a product! In 2015 I started a blog and Facebook page called Manetain. The purpose of these two was just to share hair care tips and my own journey in the hope that someone might learn. My following grew quite well to over 6,000 and I noticed how people were interested and paying attention. Back then(and still to date) there were limited local organic hair care products for girls with kinky, curly or wavy hair. So the number one question I received on my blog was where to purchase good products from, unfortunately, I did not have the answer. 

Fast forward to a year later I had my son and I suffered the worst postpartum shedding so I decided to start mixing ingredients in my kitchen with the hope of coming up with something to rescue my damaged hair. I tried out different ingredients and formulas but one stood out like gold and worked like magic. I shared this with my followers on my blog and Facebook page, I showed my progress and how well it was working for me. I even shared the recipe, but guess what, people did not want to mix the ingredients themselves so they asked me to just manufacture the product, bottle it and sell it to them… and that is how the first Manetain product was born and well the rest is history.

Manetain Organics is a hair care company that manufactures hair products for natural hair using ingredients found in and around Zimbabwe. We make use of ingredients that are not only good for your hair but supportive to the local community. We have over 20 SKUs on offer; from butter, oils, soaps, clays to the above product ranges. Our products are organic, plant-based and safe for the whole family. You can find our products at our shop at 167 Enterprise Road in Chisipite and you can also find some of our products in your local TM PicknPay stores. 

We have two main product ranges: 

  •  Honey and Marula
  • Avocado butter range 

Now that winter is in full gear in this part of the world we need to be wary of our hair. The weather conditions are different, which means you also have to have a different hair routine. Take a look at a few things you can do to ‘winterize’ your hair routine.

1. Protective style: Keep your hair covered up as much as possible. Braids, twists, weaves are some examples of protective styles that will limit the amount of exposure your hair gets from harsh weather conditions. 

2. Deep condition more: You need to be replacing moisture back into your hair often and also adding protein to strengthen your hair against the cold. The best way to do this is through deep conditioning. You can try our Avocado butter deep conditioner. 

3. Moisturize and seal more: This is very critical especially if your hair is not in a protective style. Make use of a good moisturizer like our Honey & Marula Daily Moisture cream and make sure to seal with a good oil like our Pure Marula oil

4. Use heavier oils or butter to seal: When sealing start opting for heavier oils such as castor oil or butter like shea butter. These do a better job of sealing in moisture in harsh winter conditions. 

5. Try to stay away from heat utensils: Your aim is to retain moisture not deplete it.

Do not forget to wrap your hair when you are going to bed!

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