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MPS holds competitions on the third Tuesday of every month except December. Beginners through to advanced photographers are most welcome.

Members may enter a total of three images a month, split into Open Category and/or Set Subjects which range from Still Life to Action, Portraits, Macro, Abstract and Landscapes.

Due to the ongoing situation, and MPS venue not being available for the rest of the school term and possibly longer, physical get-togethers are on hold, but our monthly competitions are still going strong!  For more information SMS 0783 138 150 with the words ‘MPS’, include your name and email address and
we’ll get back to you.

Winners of April 2020 Competition
Set Subject ‘Faceless Portraits’ & ‘Open’ Category

Winner of Set Subject ‘Faceless Portraits’
Chris Sheppard with ‘Shot’

How I got the shot…

I am the Official Photographer for the (used to be) Annual Huntin’, Shootin’, Fishin’ Event held at Troutbeck Inn, Nyanga, in Zimbabwe’s beautiful Eastern Highlands.

This gives me unlimited access to various activities involved in the challenge.

The “Shootin’” part involves Clay Pigeons, banging away at round clays that are launched out over the dam in front of the Hotel.

Lighting is a bit tricky as there is a great deal of contrast with bright sun and dark shadows from the trees on the other side of the water. I chose this image because the shottist is left handed, giving me a good view of the weapon
and hands position.

The dark background is intentional to catch the smoke out of the barrel — the sun coming in from the left was perfect bringing anything bright into the picture — smoke, long sleeved shirt and some bokeh in the distant trees.

With the focal point on the side of the face I fired away at 10 frames per second at 2500/sec.

Luck plays a large part in this sort of capture. I have been covering HSF for over 6 years now and knowing what is happening is a big plus — I guess the more pictures I take the luckier I get!

Post processing into Black and White worked as it gave me the opportunity to increase the effect of the smoke.

Canon EOS 7Dii
70—200mm lens
Shutter priority
ISO 100

Edited with Lightroom and Photoshop CC

Winner of ‘Open’ Category
Chris Collyer with ‘Legs’

How I got the shot…

Bored stiff due to the Covid 19 “Lockdown”, I was looking for ways to entertain myself. My wife was swimming and pointed out a large fishing spider (Nursery web spider) on the waterline of the pool near the weir. I coaxed it onto a stick, and noticed it was cuddling an egg sack.

I then set about taking photos of it in various locations. The images I captured were okay but nothing different or exciting. The most interesting were of it on the pool water surface, because the reflections were interesting and showed off the egg sack under her chin.

Eventually it came to me that a mirror would exaggerate this effect so I liberated my wife’s vanity mirror from the bathroom, lay it flat on a table outside and poured water onto the face of the mirror.

I placed the spider onto the water surface expecting it to dart away instantly, but to my delight it tried but only slipped on the glass and water and remained in position, so now I had carte blanche to take my time. I then moved the mirror around to get the natural light on the head and eyes.

The frame on the mirror kept the water a few millimetres deep and the reflections were great. The thin film of water defused the harsh light on the mirror so I tried all different angles. I used a tripod because I had the time to set it up.

The spider was released unharmed.

I selected the image “Legs” because it had the best reflections and light on the spider’s face and entered it in the Open category.

Canon 7D M2
LENS Canon 100mm IS L USM 2.8. Macro
TRIPOD Manfroto 144B ball head

1/250th sec
ISO 400
Focal length 100mm
Image stabilizer off ( TRIPOD USED )
Built-in Camera flash

Photographs provided by Mashonaland Photographic Society

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