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MPS holds competitions on the third Tuesday of every month except December. Beginners through to advanced photographers are most welcome.

Members may enter a total of three images a month, split into Open Category and/or Set Subjects which range from Still Life to Action, Portraits, Macro, Abstract and Landscapes.

Due to the ongoing situation, physical get-togethers are on hold, but our monthly competitions are still going strong! For more information SMS 0783 138 150 with the words ‘MPS’, include your name and email address and we’ll get back to you.

September winner of Set Subject ‘Flowers’

Chris Sheppard with ‘Happy Flower’

Chris Sheppard with ‘Happy Flower’

How I got the shot…

Fields of Sunflowers look so “Sunny!” The bight yellow of the petals encircling a seeded centre just are perfect for a picture.

I used my EOS7Dii with a 70-200mm lens to capture this shot leaning out the window of my vehicle as I went past a Smallholder Farmers land.

The camera default settings are f8, Automatic ISO, partial metering and the images taken in RAW. I fiddle with exposures as I see fit.

In this case I had to increase the exposure by one stop to capture the depth of the flower middle, also considering that I would probably need some post processing so wanted it on the slightly over exposed side.

In the sea of blooms this one luckily was closest to me, the unopened flowers on either side represented “arms” raised in a joyous way.

I could almost feel the blossom smile at my application of human sentiments.

Complimenting out of focus flowers filled in a pleasing background.

Just a nice photo, simple to take, just took time to stop, lean out the window, snap and drive on.


September winner of ‘Open’ Category

Chris Collyer with ‘Want Prince Kiss Frog’

Chris Collyer with ‘Want Prince Kiss Frog’

How I got the shot…

You guessed it, I was at Wingate Golf Course. My wife who was playing golf phoned me to say there was a bull frog in the water hazard on Number 2 hole. I abandoned the flowers I was photographing as this was way more exciting, as it has got to be more than 20 years since I have seen a bullfrog in ‘the wild

I got to the water hazard, a concrete pond, and soon located the frog in the scuzzy water. I took several photos but they were lacklustre in the extreme. I went and sat in the shade to have a drink and make a plan. Shortly I noticed it had climbed out and was making its way to the dump…I think the fire that had been smouldering for a week may have caused it to abandon its hibernation burrow, due to intense heat and seek refuge in the pond.

I could see which direction it was taking so I lay down in front to get head-on and oblique angles that were at eye level this It made the frog look bigger, I luckily had brought along a spritzer bottle with water in it, so I kept spraying it to keep the frog wet, glossy and cool. At one point a bee came and flew around its head, and eventually landed on the frog. This was the shot I chose and titled it “WANT PRINCE KISS FROG” – I was half expecting the frog to gulp down the bee, but no such luck!

I focused on the eye of the frog, and some will argue that I should have focused on the bee, but I felt the eye was most prominent and the bee was secondary. Camera was hand held. Because of the shallow depth of field the background is thrown well out of focus and there are no distractions.

Camera CANON 7DM2
Lens CANON 100mm Macro IS 2.8 L
Focal length 100mm
Shutter speed 1/1600 sec
Aperture F3.5
ISO 100
In post production I sharpened, added a little
contrast and black to make the colours pop.

Photographs provided by Mashonaland Photographic Society

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