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With Domestic Tourism picking up, and new developments emerging in the City of Victoria Falls, I have just been to visit one such development- the newly built Mbano Manor Boutique Hotel. Located 4km from the rainforest, this unique boutique hotel is owned and founded by Dr Mati Nyazema, whose experience in the tourism industry is extensive. It is with this knowledge and experience that she has created a hotel that celebrates luxury, culture and sustainability.

In keeping to the conservation of the environment, there are 18 large,  very well-appointed rooms built around the indigenous trees maintaining the natural forest. This gives the guests a feeling of being in a fancy lodge right in the middle of the African Bush. The rooms are spacious and congenial: set on 90sqm including the veranda and consist of a lounge area with homely chairs; a work station with fast internet so you can carry your work with you; very comfortable beds -standing over 6 ft tall, thick sunblock curtains (for that uninterrupted sleep) ensure that you wake up feeling renewed and refreshed; not forgetting their pièce de résistance – the large Victorian-inspired bathroom giving you the choice to soak in the tub or shower.

Mbano Manor has been designed with a lot of thought for catering to the high-end market alluding to a pure celebration of the integration of culture and luxury in mind; this design was well captured by Dr Mati and a top architect. The Zen gardens adapted by a leading Zimbabwean Landscaper promote tranquillity, stress relief, and peace of mind making this a great place to have that long-awaited mindful retreat. Dr Nyazema spent a long time passionately explaining her thoughts to us on Mbano and how it is “Unapologetically High End” informing us of exciting new projects planned for Mbano Manor.

Their Motto says it all: “Effortless Luxury” and my stay here was indeed opulent- from the exceptional service received to the rooms and surrounding’s all rang true to their motto.  I have stayed in many of the leading hotels around the country and can safely say that the interior décor and layout of the rooms at Mbano Manor is way up there amongst the very best.

They are a couple of sections to the resort where the rooms are set up in such a manner that groups of 4 families can all be in close proximity to each other without interfering with their individual privacy. They have, for instance, had several groups of people in the 30-45 age group staying there whilst up in the Falls for a wedding or an important family reunion.

Whilst Mbano is still in its infancy overnight B&B rates are still very affordable for us Zimbabwean locals. I suggest you make an opportunity to stay over there soon. Enjoy, Mike G.

To make your reservation, contact the team on +263-788-928776

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