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60/10 method and Crested Barbets

HI All So, now that we are all working at home, we should all try to follow what Robin Sharma describes in his book entitled …

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Zambezi river rising

HI All Remember how concerned certain international TV Stations were about the low level of the Victoria Falls just a couple of months ago? I …

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Trail Running at home

HI All, When I was young my parents made sure I went along and joined Cubs and then advanced to become a Boy Scout – …

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30 Common Garden Trees

“We live in a climate that lends itself to allowing the earth to showcase the very best trees to abound. Those that have been here …

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Victoria Falls

Back when the whole country closed for their “Annual (?) stock take” I, along with many others, decided to take time out and fly up …

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Indian Mynah Bird

Hi Al, the times they are a changing! Whilst everyone in town is (rightfully) totally consumed by the all-conquering Corona Virus (Covid 19) we should …

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Zimbabwe National COVID Action Trust – ZINCAT

Who is ZINCAT? Mission Statement  ~ ‘Smart compassion in action’ What We Do ZINCAT is smart compassion in action. Our Trust was created to bring …

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Covid 19 – Zim Frontline Team

As we slowly adapt to the new way of life Covid 19 has introduced us to, I am starting to hear of more and more …

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Zincat News

HI All It has been proven beyond doubt that, when people help out other less fortunate individuals, they have an increased feeling of self-worth – …

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